"Hand of Fate might just be one of the most instantly-atmospheric games this reviewer has ever encountered" - Chris Brown, Game Planet
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"Defiant Deals a Winning Hand" - Daniel Tack, Game Informer

Hand of Fate 2 launching November 7 2017

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We are incredibly pleased to announce that Hand of Fate 2 will launch November 7, 2017, on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Oh gosh, that’s so close!

Quick! Check out our new trailer over at Game Informer while I have a quiet panic attack.

Along with announcing our release date (November 7, 2017 - coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One!) we’re also revealing our final companion, the Indomitable Ariadne of Stiegal. A powerful melee warrior, Ariadne brings a keen blacksmith’s eye to the battlefield, shattering the armor of even the sturdiest opponents. On the tabletop, her boundless optimism allows her to duplicate chance cards, dramatically improving the player’s odds of success. Players will meet her properly in the Strength Challenge, though keen-eyed adventurers may encounter her earlier than that.


HoF2 has blossomed into a project that we are deeply proud of, with noticeable improvements to every element of the original game. It’s massive, too. What was intended to be a game of equal length to HoF1 has transformed into something roughly four times the size, bursting with new characters, new enemies and a fantastic variety of new challenges.

We think Hand of Fate 2 is the best game Defiant Development has ever produced, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Mark November 7 in your calendar as the day you return to the Dealer’s table and once again…

Draw your cards, play and your hand and discover your fate!

PS. I couldn't let this opportunity slip by without showing off another couple of fantastic concept pieces from our artist, Nick Smith!